Celebrating Local Black History

Episode Summary

The StoryTown Radio Show celebrates Black History in a production that features stories and skits about the lives and contributions of local African Americans in the Jonesborough and East Tennessee region. Along with historical accounts of past leaders, you’ll also discover stories about current leaders in the community. Hear the harrowing story of Emmett Watson, a United Nations Consultant from Liberia, and his journey to moving to the United States (and Tennessee) with his wife and family, all while continuing to work where he is needed in Darfur. Special music guest is Bailey George and Jukebox Jess, musicians and hosts of the popular Boones Creek Opry, who share music and tell stories of some of the great African American originators of old time, folk, and country music.

Episode Notes

Written by Jules Corriere, Anne G'Fellers-Mason,  Sara Elizabeth

Brett McCluskey          Music Director, Accompanist

John Saylor                  Sound Engineer & Editor

Matthew Gulley           Stage Manager

Gary Degner                 Sound Effects

Music Guests                Bailey George and Jukebox Jess


Stories Collected From Or About:

Jacob & Martha Bailey

Cordie Bayless

Andrew J. Beard

Jeremiah Edwards

Ella Ford Freeze

Elijah McCoy

The Neighborhood Story Project

Emmett Watson


Tennessee Arts Commission

Wild Women of Jonesborough

Gary and Sandee Degner

First Horizon Bank

Town of Jonesborough

McKinney Center



The Heritage Alliance

WETS 89.5 FM