Everything Old Is New Again

Episode Summary

This episode from the vault of The StoryTown Radio Show, originally performed January 26, 2015, looks at how the people and places in Tennessee's oldest town find new use for old buildings and objects, keeping alive a long history and heritage.

Episode Notes

Written by Jules Corriere with Anne G'Fellers-Mason, Leon Overbay, Jasmine Henderson, Aisling Hagan
Music Accompaniment by Brett McCluskey
Sound Engineer Michael D'Avella
Sound Effect Gary Degner
Stage Manager Phyllis Fabozzi
StoryTown Assistant Ian Kirkpatrick
Edited by Wayne Winkler

Tennessee Arts Commission
The Wild Women of Jonesborough
Gary and Sandee Degner
Rae Dee O'Lufver

McKinney Center
Town of Jonesborough
Heritage Alliance
WETS 89.5 FM Johnson City